The Importance of Taking a Time Out


Looking After Myself

In my experience, it has been hard to communicate my need for a time out. This sometimes happens when I have a day off work. Sometimes it is expected that because I have a day off it means I am open for activities or social gatherings. Nothing can be further from the truth.

I have learned over the years the lesson that just because I have free time does not mean that I am available. Sometimes I need to take a time out, and that can mean different things at different times. Sometimes that can mean I need to retreat to a quiet and dark room for a few hours. Sometimes that means I need to be alone to read. Sometimes it means I need to go on a walk in the forest.

It Is Ok To Take Breaks During a Trip

I have seen many people rush around on vacations or trips so much that they are exhausted when they come home. That might be fine on short trips, but on long ones I recommend that people take some time to practice self care.

I like travelling on long trips. I feel less rushed, and also I can take the time for my health as needed. A trip that I did a while ago was 6 weeks long, and I needed to give myself rest days. On these days I could sleep in, do laundry, write in my journal, read a book, or practice mindfulness. If I needed to I would not talk to anyone or be around many people. Taking a day to just rest made it possible for me to continue on my journey.

For mental health this is especially important. Especially if you are a person who gets fatigued by social situations. This can be an important break. Taking a rest day during a trip to check in with yourself is just as important as eating or sleeping.

Your body may also need a break from rushing around. I know mine does. Many jobs are inactive ones. I sat at a computer for my old job. When I went on a trip where I was running around all day, and my body needed time to adjust. Taking some rest time will allow your body to do that, and will also help prevent over use injuries.

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